Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Idea for Generating More Traffic in the School Library

I am always thinking of ways to bring more students into my school library.
For a few years I have noticed some needs in my K-12 private school. Some students always need help in the area of academics. My library has become the home of after school "Homework Help" sessions 3 days a week. Students are dropped off after school for 30 minutes to receive help from National Honor Society (NHS)students. The NHS students receive service hours and the recipients of the help benefit from one-on-one interaction while working on homework or practicing with flashcards.
Did I fail to mention that I noticed no one had taken on the position of National Honor Society sponsorship after the previous sponsor left? I volunteered to work with the NHS students which made it very easy to create the Homework Help sessions. National Honor Society meetings have also generated more traffic in the library.
Becoming a sponsor for a service organization requires extra volunteer time for a librarian, but the benefits are enormous! I have the opportunity to build friendships with high school students and the school library has become a comfortable place for more senior high students to visit.
Lately, my administrator has been filling part of my day with study halls and online studies in the library. I welcome these classes because once again, it is generating more traffic in the library. Study hall students have become very familiar with the library and have encouraged other students to come to the library outside of their regular class time.
I wish to implement other ideas to generate traffic in the library during lunch and after school, but for now, my Homework Help sessions are keeping me very busy.


  1. I applaud you. It isn't easy to take on more duties when there is always so much to do in the library. Bravo!