Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Web 2.0 Tool Used at South Carolina State University-YouTube

I read about the "Reading Rooster Recommends" in the articles I cited in my previous post. The SC State University Library blog regularly posts this special children's book recommendation video via YouTube. I think this is such a useful tool for parents, librarians and teachers when locating good reading materials for children. This is not just a resource for the patrons of the library but for any one that has access to YouTube. Of course, if a person does not have access to YouTube, they will miss this rich resource.  The unfortunate limitation of this resource is that if I hadn't read about "Reading Rooster Recommends" in an article I might have never found it. What could compliment this presentation would be a text version of the script along with the post, for regular viewers who may be in a hurry. This brings me to the one thing I dislike about it.  It would be helpful to have the books that are recommended in a list that may be searched outside of YouTube.
The post I found that was created on Sept 27th is at this URL:


  1. I came across this in my studies too. It's a bit like Readers' Advisory for the 21st century. Great find, and great point about needing a link to a script for it or something like that. It might also be nice to link to the catalog entry for the book. Isn't it interesting the variety of ways in which Web 2.0 can be implemented in libraries?


  2. I think that the posting of children's book recommendation videos on YouTube is a great idea. It not only promotes materials in the library, but it also informs parents and teachers of great books for children. I think that the use of Web 2.0 tools by libraries not only helps libraries stay connected with users, but also allows libraries to personalize services and communication with their patrons.

  3. What a great example of a Web 2.0 tool that is useful to so many library users! It would have been helpful to me as a parent of young readers, it is still helpful to me now as a parent of intermediate readers and would also be helpful to me as a new Media Specialist. I would love to see short videos like this on our school website! It used to be such a struggle for me to find great books for my children before I entered this program.