Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bulletin Boards for a School Media Center-(Please click "Bulletin Board Masterpost" at right for more images of bulletin boards)

The images at the top right of this blog represent bulletin boards that were displayed at different times during the school year in the library/media center. Every month the bulletin board is replaced with a bulletin board that either relates to the theme of the month or a holiday theme.  It is a challenge to create a new bulletin board each month therefore, bulletin  board ideas are recycled over a 5 year period.  A picture is taken of each completed bulletin board.  These pictures are saved throughout the year and added to the policy manual at the end of the year.  This yearly bulletin board history in pictures is used by library aides to recreate the bulletin boards.  When a bulletin board idea has become outdated or a more current theme is needed, a new bulletin board is created and added to the pictorial history of bulletin boards.Click HERE to see more bulletin boards.


  1. I just wanted to say I really loved your bulletin board picture and post! We have a "go wild about books" bookmark from UpStart that would match beautifully. Also, I enjoyed reading that you have included pictures of finished displays in your manual. I have taken pictures of favorite bulletin board but had not organzied them in a monthly manner. What a great way to share the creative displays with library aides!

  2. It is difficult to create bulletin board displays. I forget what I used when from year to year. It is a great idea to take pictures and store them. I would love to see other bulletin board pictures from the school's media center.